Code of Ethics

Dragonfly Spiritual Code of Ethics As most of you know shamanic practitioners are not regulated or licensed like other professions including medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and various specialists.  Because of the nature of shamanic practice there is no governing body, no centers of higher education and training, and no regulatory bodies.  Shamanic … Continue reading Code of Ethics

About Dragonfly Spiritual and Octaves Dragonfly

Dragonfly Spiritual is a practice that offers various services to help individuals find their path in this life, which started with the transformation of Octaves Dragonfly, a shamanic practitioner, healer, teacher, Reiki Master, adept, and ordained interfaith priest, licensed in all 50 states to perform weddings, baptisms and funerals. Octaves is a mere servant, using … Continue reading About Dragonfly Spiritual and Octaves Dragonfly

Dragonfly Spiritual Power Animal Retrieval

Shamans understand the connection between nature, Spirit, and humans. One of the four primary causes if illness is “loss of power”. Power Animals are Spirits that can provide us with protection, information/guidance, support, healing, and awaken our spiritual abilities. Power Animal Retrieval is a good place to start a spiritual connection with a Helping Spirit … Continue reading Dragonfly Spiritual Power Animal Retrieval

Dragonfly Spiritual Spirit Extraction

When a person experiences a soul loss, an opening is created in their vital life-force. Other energies may enter that opening and compete for the individual’s vital life-force. In an extraction session localized, intrusive energies are removed. In a cleansing, generalized energies are cleared from the body to enable the free flow of vital life-force … Continue reading Dragonfly Spiritual Spirit Extraction

Dragonfly Spiritual Retreats – Summer 2018

No doubt we all need a break now and then from the constant barrage of information and media that bombards us. We all need a time out from the daily routine and the everyday decision making. Make plans now to take a break in the sacred space with Dragonfly Spiritual where you can tune out … Continue reading Dragonfly Spiritual Retreats – Summer 2018

Dragonfly Spiritual Soul Retrieval

From a shamanic point of view part of the soul may split off, or dissociate, when we experience trauma or abuse.  The soul part that splits off, slips into the spirit realm and out of time, becoming lost or stuck and leaving a hole in the soul that remains with the body.  The shaman journeys … Continue reading Dragonfly Spiritual Soul Retrieval

Find Your Path

Quest for the Holy Grail, Search for the Philosophers' Stone, inner peace, Divine Unity, whatever we choose to call the Great Work, is endless in this realm. So what to do to aid in the process of finding one's path? 1.  First and foremost - heal thyself. It's been a long and difficult, albeit rewarding … Continue reading Find Your Path

Words Cast Spells

Words cast SPELLS, that is why it is called SPELLING. Good RISING dear souls, may you OVER-stand this. So what do I mean by the secret SPELLS of the English language? Well, let me share with you what I call our premier life sentence and it goes something like this: “We awake each morning and … Continue reading Words Cast Spells

True Freedom?

In this realm, true freedom is something that many people strive for, but only some manage to achieve. The first place where freedom begins is in the mind. Govern-Ment  means Steer and Rule the Mind "Govern" is derived from the Greek kubernan and the Latin gubernare, both meaning "to steer, rule". "Ment" is derived from … Continue reading True Freedom?

What is the Quest?

What is the Quest? Q: What is the Quest? A: To seek the Grail. Q: What is the Grail? A: It has many forms. Q: How can I seek the Unknown? A: By following the path which will reveal Itself to you. Q: Where does such a path begin? A: Here, at your very doorstep. … Continue reading What is the Quest?