From a shamanic point of view part of the soul may split off, or dissociate, when we experience trauma or abuse.  The soul part that splits off, slips into the spirit realm and out of time, becoming lost or stuck and leaving a hole in the soul that remains with the body.  The shaman journeys on behalf of the client to retrieve lost soul parts, fill the hole, and restore the integrity of the client’s life-force.

Soul loss is at the root of most PTSD.  It can be very effective in assisting Veterans and their loved ones in recovering from PTSD and other tragedy induced traumas.

Soul Retrievals are available in person or long distance.

Possible symptoms of soul loss are:

  • Feeling fragmented, scattered, ungrounded or simply “not whole.”
  • Frustration with emotional and behavioral patterns that persist in spite of sincere efforts to resolve them through therapy and other modalities.
  • Feeling a hole within that can never be filled.
  • Chronic illness physical or emotional, addictions, compulsive behavior, and “ruts.”
  • The feeling “I’ve never been the same since…”

Rates:  Donations Only.

Please contact us to discuss details and make arrangements.

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