Quest for the Holy Grail, Search for the Philosophers’ Stone, inner peace, Divine Unity, whatever we choose to call the Great Work, is endless in this realm.

So what to do to aid in the process of finding one’s path?

1.  First and foremost – heal thyself.

It’s been a long and difficult, albeit rewarding journey, for us to be where we are now. There may have been many “hurts” along the way. It’s time to acknowledge those “hurts,” to honor them for the service they have given us, and with humor and love, relinquish them because we need them no longer.

A guide or servant can help thou find thou path if thou do not know where to start. If thou find comfort in guidance by Dragonfly Spiritual, great, if somewhere else, great, if it by self, great. Just find it.

As we heal ourselves, we heal the Spirit as well because the Spirit is One. Many may not know where to begin the healing process, because it seems so daunting.

As the Taoist Lao Tzu once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The search for the Holy Grail begins in the mind.  Does thou take the step forward?

Thoughts become feelings become words become action become reward.

2.  Next, be aware of Truth in all of its manifest forms.

All Truth is paradox, so to speak, and everything that exists contains at least a grain of Truth at some level at its very core.

When confronted with issues that thou do not understand, do not toss it aside as a falsehood, but simply file it away, detach, until such information is revealed that either confirms its validity or invalidates it.

Keeping an open, yet critical, mind is essential to developing a good discriminating ability. Learn to listen with both thou heart and thou head. When both are in agreement about an issue, thou will know that it is true for it is already written to thou heart and soul. If they are in conflict over a particular issue or situation, it is best to not act until thou obtain more information about the situation that clarifies it for thou.

3.  Give up restrictive thought forms and open thine own mind to new ideas.

In the western world, we carry a legacy of religious oppression and restriction dating back since the beginning.  Mainstream western religion was created in an effort to stifle individual creativity and personal power, in fear that the masses would rise up in revolt against those in power.

False teachings of the inherent unworthiness of humanity and of the Heavens and the Earth itself have created much misery and despair, and have contributed to the exploitation of this realm by those who consider the Earth to be evil or corrupt by its very nature. There has been enough hurt. Even those seeking along the lines of the “New Energy” carry much of this old baggage with them.

Seek to free thyself from this restrictive thinking and mindset about thyself and the world, and recognize the divinity blessed, giving by the one TRUTH, inherent in all creation, great or small.

In the “name of religion” much atrocity is committed. This is not only for extremist cults from the mainstream religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, but can extend to any religious form, even New Age religious and philosophical groups such as Sun Worship, Statism, Nationalism, Patriotism, Christian Science, Edgar Cayce, or “Course in Miracles” or “The Secret” are but a few examples of the worst-case consequences of such extremist mind forms and thought control.

Any religion or philosophical thought-form that seeks to demean, abuse, or control thou or take away thy personal conduit of power from the one absolute source, stay away from!

Positive Energy has no place for those who would seek to dominate or enslave others in the name of Spirit.

4.  Overcome fear.

Fear is the greatest deterrent to our advancement as a sentient race.

Guilt, which is fear internalized and directed towards oneself, is the most heinous form of this negative emotion, because it stifles our efforts at growth and development.

Much of this guilt was levied at us in childhood by our well meaning, but misguided, parents, teachers, and peers; this progresses and keeps getting reinforced by the negative messages others and ourselves keep sending to ourselves.

Excessive repetition by the dark forces has formed the catalyst for mind control, by keeping us asleep in the Land of the DEAD. 

Overcoming guilt and fear is the largest step to liberating the Human Soul. It is a difficult process, and it takes much work but the rewards are true growth.

Getting to know one’s self through playful activity, meditation, and spiritual study help much to alleviate thou existential guilt and fear. So can talking over thou fears with others; including trained professionals and metaphysicians who can help thou ferret out the root cause of thou fears and guilt.

Once much of those negative emotions and reinforcements are out of thou way, thou can begin to achieve true spiritual growth.

5.  Meditate.

Practice a regular meditation schedule, even if it is just for a few minutes each day.  Don’t use meditation as a method of “zoning out,” but as a method of connecting in to the Universal Source of all energy.

In the past, meditation exercises were heavily into relaxation techniques in order to get the individual prepared to tap in to the Universal Source. Use meditation as a tool to effecting positive, conscious change in thou life and environment.

Can’t meditate? Take the shoes and socks off and go sit in the back yard. Sit quietly, close thou eyes and begin to let earth ground and do its thing.

6.  Remember to do things for thine own self.

Don’t get so caught up in trying to do so much for others, that thou forget the most important person of all–thou.

Exercise a little each day, but make it something fun rather than grueling or taxing.

Take care of thine own health. Remember to eat well and get enough sleep, especially during these times of energy changes.

Do little things for thyself that make thou happy. When thou are happy and healthy, thou change the energy fields around thou, which in turn help raise the vibrational level of thou environment.

7.  Reach out to others.

I don’t mean “proselytize” or try to convince others of thou particular point of view to the detriment of their own. That is an exercise in separatism and egoistic futility, and one that humanity would do well to purge from its particular habit-forms.

Tolerance for the methods of others’ service to their Path is paramount to aiding the increase of the vibrational energy. By reaching out to others, be ready to offer them assistance when asked.

Stand receptive to the higher energies and relay them to others by increasing thou own vibrational level (existing in a positive state of awareness and radiating that out to Humanity).

When thou overcome a particular negativity or solve a particular problem or situation in thou own life, radiate the solution to others in meditation so that the answer is available to them, making it easier for them to work through their own situations.

Thou never know when someone may do this for thou as well!

8.  It’s the little things that matter.

Thou don’t need to address the government (steer-mind) or join the “fill in any shitty organization here” to help make a difference.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the glamour of these activities that we forget that the smaller, more local efforts are just as important, if not more so.

Affect the change in thine own self and inherently affect the change around you.

Pick up litter wherever and whenever thou are able to do so.  Smile at a stranger. Play with thine own children.  Practice and engage in “random acts of kindness” for others.  Remember not to do too much, because thou need time for thyself as well.  If everyone were to commit just 15 minutes of time a day doing something positive for others, the results would be phenomenal.  Do not do onto others for the reward of Man, do it for the reward of Spirit.  Feeding a homeless is noble indeed, but broadcasting it to others becomes the reward and is self serving to say the least.  Where true LOVE and WILL reside, one will find PEACE.

That’s really all thou need to do to begin to advance spiritually on thine own path.

There is no guarantee that by following these suggestions that there will be no more problems in thou life.

However, thou will be better equipped to work with them in a positive way, and not let them get to thou as much as they used to.

Thou will notice a change in thyself, and in the way others relate to thou…and it will be for the good!

Have fun with it.


Octaves Dragonfly


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