Words cast SPELLS, that is why it is called SPELLING.

Good RISING dear souls, may you OVER-stand this.

So what do I mean by the secret SPELLS of the English language?

Well, let me share with you what I call our premier life sentence and it goes something like this:

“We awake each morning and go off during the weekdays to earn the living at various jobs and undertakings until we come to the weekend.“

And this seems perfectly acceptable to most people however more people die between 6 & 9 on a Monday morning than any other time of the week.

So I do what I call a translation of the English language and I spell that TRANCE-lation with the idea that words cast spells.

So when you translate that life sentence you remember that A-WAKE is a funeral party for the DEAD…

MOURNING is a state you’re in when you attend A-WAKE.

And you would have to be in a WEAK DAZE to earn the LIVING since URNS are for the ashes of the DEAD…

We call our jobs UNDERTAKINGS.

JOB itself is a Hebrew word for PERSECUTED.

And what we get at the end of this perverse bargain with life is the WEAK END of the deal as we become progressively weakened ourselves.

And so are most prevalent greeting to each other is hello the reverse of which is O HELL!

Followed by Good Morning! GOOD MOURNING in the land of the DEAD!

And at first, I suspected the hands of collusion entangling the language to foster illusion and I think it’s quite true that a cultures theology has a great deal to do with the words etymology.

And how it EVOLves over time to combine incompatible meanings that may undermine the original thoughts it was meant to define.

Sorcery and Dark Magic, dear friend.

The thing that I found is that “like concepts” can move toward the same sound and vibrate at the rate that our thoughts designate – because words are electromagnetic vibrations whose fine alphabetic tintabulations can take on the tint of our true expectations, which they then imprint on our metal of mind causing sounds to adhere when they’re of the same kind.

Derived from: http://www.laurelairica.com/

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