The human eyes can see a certain range of vibrations coming across the light spectrum of what is visible; there is much to be unseen within our souls that are all connected via the ONE SPIRIT astral plane.

The things unseen have been blocked from us through false programming and counterfeit indoctrination.

As more secrets are unveiled and re-connection to Spirit is established, the lessons from the soul will expand the physical range so that more and more of this false programming will be easily seen with thou human eyes.

And what about our ears?

Are we also not limited to a certain range of frequency vibrations and also a certain range of loudness – commonly referred to as ‘decibels’ in scientism?

When one begins the path back to THE SPIRIT, one begins to shed from its clay body and begins to be reconnected to the astral plane and begins to see and hear things once hidden.

Octaves Dragonfly

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