Dragonfly Spiritual Power Animal Retrieval

Dragonfly Spiritual Power Animal Retrieval

Shamans understand the connection between nature, Spirit, and humans.

One of the four primary causes if illness is “loss of power”.

Power Animals are Spirits that can provide us with protection, information/guidance, support, healing, and awaken our spiritual abilities.

Power Animal Retrieval is a good place to start a spiritual connection with a Helping Spirit or Guide.

As humans, and particularly in modern culture, it is common for people to lose power, give away their power and have power stolen.  When we talk about power here we mean the ability to define yourself or having the energy to create.  Without power we have a hard time accomplishing anything – even the day to day tasks of caring for ourselves – let alone defining who we are.

There are many ways to restore power and a power animal retrieval is one of them.  Through a power animal retrieval I will enter the spirit worlds and retrieve a power animal on your behalf.

Usually, we have more than one power animal in our lifetime.  Some show up for shorter time periods and specific teachings while others stick around for our entire life.

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