Dragonfly Spiritual Drum Circles

Dragonfly Spiritual Drum Circles

We host drum circles every every month on the full moon at Otter Creek Preserve from 7-9 pm.

Some guided and some free form, come one and all, connect with nature and enjoy!  All drums and rattles are welcome!  We may also have some drums and rattles to share during the gathering as well.

Otter Creek Preserve is a beautiful mosaic of 1000 Islands habitats within walking distance of the Village of Alexandria Bay, New York.

Directions to the preserve:  Street address is 193 Church Street, Alexandria Bay.  Within walking distance of the Village of Alexandria Bay, Otter Creek Preserve is on State Route 26 in Alexandria Bay.  At the intersection of State Rt. 12 and State Route 26, turn south (away from the Village).  The Preserve is four-tenths of a mile from the intersection on the right.  The Otter Creek Nature Trail is open to the public year-round. ATVs and snowmobiles are not permitted on the preserve.

Full Moons – 2017

  1. January 12 – Wolf Moon
  2. February 10 – Snow Moon
  3. March 12 – Worm Moon
  4. April 11 – Pink Moon
  5. May 10 – Flower Moon
  6. June 9 – Strawberry Moon
  7. July 9 – Buck Moon
  8. Aug 7 – Sturgeon Moon
  9. September 6 – Corn Moon
  10. October 5 – Harvest Moon
  11. November 4 – Beaver Moon
  12. December 3 – Cold Moon

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