About Dragonfly Spiritual and Octaves

About Dragonfly Spiritual and Octaves

Dragonfly Spiritual is a practice that offers various services to help individuals find their path in this life, which started with the transformation of Octaves Dragonfly, a shamanic practitioner, healer, teacher, Reiki Master, and ordained interfaith priest, licensed in all 50 states to perform weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Octaves is a mere servant, using not his own power, but the power of the Great Spirit to help guide others on each unique journey within this realm.

Through proven methods handed down over the ages, Octaves aims to help you find your path, and assist guiding you through your life’s trials and tribulations.

Please visit the Services page for detailed information regarding the different Legal Ceremony, Shamanic Healing, and Reiki services offered by Dragonfly Spiritual.

Dragonfly Spiritual is based in Alexandria Bay, NY and offers in-person services for Jefferson, Saint Lawrence, Lewis, Oneida and Onondaga Counties of New York.  Other areas in New York state may also be potentially serviced, so please contact us for discussion for possibility of special arrangements.  Long distance services outside New York state can be found here: Long Distance Healing and Long Distance Reiki.

Octaves has been a long time student of philosophy, sacred and ancient texts and has suffered many hardships which have uncovered various techniques to help him on his path.  While too many credentials to capture over the past 40 years, you can find an idea of his training completed relating to the Dragonfly Spiritual practice listed below.

Here is the bottom line, power comes from the source, we are all just conduits.  It is how we apply the power through what we are shown that affects the true change we search for.

Anyone can get “bona-fides”.  Octaves choice has been to demonstrate his faith through works; however, for those that feel more at ease with list a of credentials, here you go.


Octaves Dragonfly is a member of the following Guilds or Organizations:

– Society For Shamanic Practice (Visit Site)

– Foundation For Shamanic Studies (Visit Site)

– Natural Healer Society (Visit Site)

Fancy Bits of Tiki-Taki

– PhD of Metaphysics, Esoteric Interfaith Church & Theological Seminary (pending)

– Doctor of Divinity, Universal Life Church & Seminary

– Ordained Minister and Priest, Universal Life Church & Seminary

(Octaves is Licensed in all 50 states to perform Weddings, Funerals, and Baptisms)

Schools and Training

Brotherhood of the Eternal Light

Munich, Germany

– Mysteries School

– Mystical Qabbalah

– Western Mysteries

Aziz Shamanism

Buckfast, Devon, United Kingdom

Instructor: Peter Aziz

– Take Back Your Power I

– Take Back Your Power II

– Underworld Journeying

– Shamanic Empowerment

– Magick: The Faerie and Dragon Path

– Javanese Magick Initiations

– Atlantean, Lemurian and Serian Magick

– Psychic Self-Defense

– Wealth

Institute for the Shamanic Arts

Tuscon, Arizona, United States

Instructor: Quynn Red Mountain-OOlah

– The Power of Shamana

– Soul Injury Ambassador Training

– Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

– The Power of Yes

– Powers of Protection

– Your Greatest Gift

– Soul Retrieval and Restoration

– Access Inner Teachers

– Workshop for Blended Spirit People

– Past Lives with the Shamanic Journey

– Warrior Spirit-Tending Soul Loss

– Healing the Old Spirit of Crisis

– Nature Spirit Animal Guides

Ancientways Shamanic Training and Healing

Nederland, Colorado, United States

Instructor: Chris Davidson

– Shamanic Journey Foundation Course

– Toxic Spirits Course Extra

– Being Mentored by Your Spirit Helper Lecture

– Spirit Guide Communication Style Course

– Understanding Spirit Helpers Level II Class

– Staying Away From Toxic Spirits Class

– Soul of Shamanism Course

Shamans Way

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Instructor: Shaman Kriket

– Level 1: Introductions

— The Medicine Wheel,

— Power Animals, Shadow, Totems and Spirit Guides

— The Shaman’s Tools

— Shamanism and Mythology

– Level 2: What are Journeys

— The Journey State

— Doorways, Power Spots and More

— Guided Meditation

— A Look at Rattles

– Level 3: The Roles of the Shaman

— The Modern Shaman

— The Neo Shaman and Core Shamanism

— An Introduction to Healing – Part 1

— An Introduction to Healing – Part 2

— An Introduction to Healing – Part 3 (Extractions)

— An Introduction to Healing – Part 4 (Soul Retrieval)

— An Introduction to Healing – Part 6 (Psychopomp)

— The Ritual of Healing

– Level 4: Knowing the Worlds

— The Teaching of the Three Worlds

— The Four Directions

— The Center

— The Edge

Level 5: Power Animals

— More on Power Animals

Lynn Andrews

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Instructor: Lynn Andrews

– Act of Power Workshop

– Magic and Wisdom of Original Power Animal Workshop

Melissa Crowhurst

Natural Healing Australia

Instructor:  Melissa Crowhurst

– Powerful Self-Healing in 5 Simple Steps

– Reiki (Usui) Level 1

– Reiki (Usui) Level 2

– Reiki (Usui) Master

– Reiki Master Practitioner, Cert. Natural Healer

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